Available Presentations

Emotional Intelligence, Incivility, and The Deliberate Pursuit of Healthy Professional Relationships

Developing Your Professional Reputation Using LinkedIn

Conflict Management, Emotional Intelligence, and Your Team

Change Has Come: How Major Changes Impact Employee Attitudes, Organization Culture & Performance Management

Myers Briggs Based Workshops:
-Team Dynamics
-Self-Awareness (Personal Leadership Development)
-In the Grip of Stress: What you’re Actually Like and How You’re Perceived.

Leadership Development

When a leader trusts you with his or her employees, he or she is taking a significant risk, i.e., opportunity cost, actual cost, fighting inertia, “leadership risk” (challenging employees to fully support a new initiative and/or shift aspects of the organization’s culture), etc.  Further, an administrative employee is likely to be tasked with coordinating every attendee’s schedule and meeting the consultant’s “interesting” requests in addition to his or her regular duties.  In short, getting your team on the page and adequately prepared for what to expect is no small feat regardless of the size of the group!

Because we know how much of a challenge it is to get your people in the same room at the same time, Voltage Vista comes to the table and works hard to win over your team!  Our process begins with solidly learning what your organization needs to get out of bringing your team together, whether it is training, facilitation, a seminar or something entirely different.  Once your needs are clear, we design and deliver tools and products that achieve those goals.  As we focus on excellent technical delivery, we also approach service delivery with human connection as one of our central objectives.  It is our belief that people don’t learn from people they don’t like (we all tend to make snap judgments and often decide very early on whether we like someone) or identify with in some way.  Therefore, it is our mission to learn as much as possible about your organization before engaging your full team so that we can focus solely on connecting with and challenging your people.