Available Presentations

Anti-Harassment for Supervisors and Managers
Anti-Harassment for Teams

You’ve Satisfied Affirmation Action, But Are You Diverse?

Becoming “The Man”: Game Changers for New Supervisors

Write Performance Management: How to Effectively Document Employee Behavior and Draft Evaluations

Deconstructing “Fit” in the Interview Process: How to Insure,”He won’t fit in here”, Isn’t Really Discrimination in Disguise

The Fundamentals of Complaint Investigations
(How NOT to Impede the Work of the Designated Investigator)

*Voltage Vista is also available to investigate harassment complaints.


Human Resources

Voltage Vista believes the human resources function of an organization is complex and central to an organization’s ability to operate effectively.  Human Resources is responsible for advancing the interests of the organization and limiting labor and employment practices liabilities while simultaneously providing customer service to employees and working to insure that the organization is competitive in terms of working conditions, compensation and benefits and organization culture.

Organizations aim to satisfy these challenges amid an ever-changing regulatory environment and an increasingly global economy which makes talent retention and development even more challenging.  Voltage Vista recognizes that organizes choose a variety of strategies to achieve their goals, and we aim to work with and support those efforts whether an organization outsources all or a portion of its human resources obligations.

Our human resources work focuses on regulatory human resources compliance and on hybrid topics, topics that focus on participants’ ability to balance regulatory components alongside soft-skills, i.e., emotional intelligence, corralling teams and embodying ethical leadership.