My Favorite Labels
Adjunct Professor (former).  Wine Taster and Foodie.  World’s Greatest Auntie.  Licensed Esthetician. Journal-keeper.  Human Resources and Leadership Trainer.  Runner (albeit slow).  Wanda’s and Cousin Sue’s Best Friend.  Goal Setter.  Goal Achiever.  Bike Rider.  Baker.  Southern Belle.  Steel Magnolia.  Accountability Partner.  Intentional.  Contemplative.


My Work and My Passion
I teach professional development workshops on various leadership and human resources challenges across Southern New Jersey and the Philadelphia region (I am open to and will gladly travel).

I bask in the opportunity and potential for improving the work environment since most of us spend more time with our colleagues than we do with our personal friends and family. To this end, my work often focuses on difficult conversations, whether those conversations are intrapersonal or amongst team members. Sometimes, the issue is a workplace that subjects us to conditions (including illegal harassment) that are debasing, counterproductive, and chaotic.  At other times, it is our perspective and behavior that makes our experiences seem crushing.  Overall, my philosophy and work are about leadership development, addressing workplace harassment, promoting diversity and inclusion, and effective human resources compliance.

My Affiliations and Interests

Toastmasters International
Society for Human Resource Management
Association for Talent Development
Philadelphia Industry and Labor Group

I hope to teach graduate-level courses in entrepreneurship and business, such as the following:
Topics in Entrepreneurship      Profit Strategies (A Case Studies Seminar)
Organization Development      Ethnicity, Race & Class in Business

For More Information:

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